Los Ninos – Trash Pickup

Los Ojos de los Ninos Trash Pickup A clean city is our dream city. This event is all about taking a personal hand in making our city beautiful. Volunteers get together with community planners, law enforcement, etc. to coordinate a day to give an area of our city a little TLC. Stay tuned for our next pickup day and become part of a group that is making a real, positive impact on our community. Photo Album

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La Vista Newsletter – January 19, 2021

Happy New Year to All! Due to our wonderful sponsors, LODLF was able to come together to make the holidays brighter for 550 of our New Mexico Families. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we were not able to do the usual basket event and toys . However, we did distribute 550 Target gift cards worth $125 dollar each and helped 10 families through our general aid program. This totaled over $70,000 in assistance to families [...]

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La Vista Newsletter November 20, 2020

TIS THE SEASON - TO BE THANKFUL As we begin to celebrate the many, diverse holidays we are blessed to havein our community, we just wanted to start off our celebration of Thanksgiving with a little Thanks-giving. Since its establishment in 2009,we have brought hundreds of individuals and organizations in our Familia. It is through all of your generous support, giving of time, effort and resources, and spreading the word, that we have been able to [...]

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