Happy New Year to All!

Due to our wonderful sponsors, LODLF was able to come together to make the holidays brighter for 550 of our New Mexico Families. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we were not able to do the usual basket event and toys . However, we did distribute 550 Target gift cards worth $125 dollar each and helped 10 families through our general aid program. This totaled over $70,000 in assistance to families in need during these challenging times. We are humbled and thankful to be able to continue to make a difference in our community. Thank you all for your continued support of LODLF and your generous donations.

In addition to the gift cards, we distributed our 4th quarter general aid,giving much-needed help to these worthy families.Let’s keep the spirit of generosity and caring alive throughout 2021.

Rebecca Garcia
Rebecca and her family have suffered several tragedies in the last few years, including two double-lung transplants for her husband, and the tragic loss of her mother in a car accident.She and her relocated temporarily at the end of last year, to help her husband recover from his most recent transplant. We helped them with some medical expenses and gave them gift cards for basic needs.

Brianah Gallegos
Brianah is a single mother of five children, who has been struggling to provide school clothes and supplies for her kids, and food as well, with all of them being at home. She also asked for help with tutoring her kids, as she hasn’t been able to help much with their school work, but wants them to succeed. We helped her get caught up with her utility bills.

Blanca Serrillo
Blanca and her children moved to New Mexico last year and recently all of them tested positive for the COVID19 virus. Without being able to work and going through the illness, she has been struggling to pay rent and bills, and hence didn’t have money for the holidays or her son’s birthday. We helped her get caught up on her utility bills.

Chelsea Johnson
Chelsea and her family recently moved to New Mexico last year due to the pandemic, she is on disability and her husband hasn’t found work just yet. They are struggling with bills and had no money for Christmas. We gave them gift cards to help cover basic needs.

Erika Medrano-Enriquez
Erika is the mother of 6 children, who lost her job during the summer, after falling sick with the virus, and ended up getting laid off. She has been trying to find work, but has fallen behind on bill in the last few months, and was worried about losing power. We helped them get caught up on their electric bill.

Marissa Salazar
Marissa is a single mom who lost her job due to COVID, as a result she had no money to provide Christmas gifts to her children, who also need new clothes. We gave her gift cards to help provide for her family.

Garcia Family
Ivan Garcia is a single father who cares for his 7-year-old daughter and his father who is battling prostate cancer. Ivan and his father are both fighting COVID, Ivan has had to miss work but has no sick leave, and they have fallen behind on bills. We helped them get caught up on rent.

Tiana Romero
Tiana and her husband both have as-needed jobs, and Tiana’s car recently broke down,which kept her from being able to work. They have both been working as much as they can, but asked for help catching up with bills. We helped her with a payment toward her car loan, so she can have reliable transportation to work.

Kenithia Coho
Kenithia is a single mother of 4 children, who works in the food service industry. She has fallen behind on bills lately, due to lost hours with COVID. We helped her with a payment toward her rent.