As we begin to celebrate the many, diverse holidays we are blessed to havein our community, we just wanted to start off our celebration of Thanksgiving with a little Thanks-giving. Since its establishment in 2009,we have brought hundreds of individuals and organizations in our Familia. It is through all of your generous support, giving of time, effort and resources, and spreading the word, that we have been able to lift up the people of New Mexico and help with more than 1/2 million dollars of quality-of-life assistance, educational development, and holiday meals. We are so proud of what we have been able to accomplish together so far, and look forward with great anticipation to what we can do together in the days to come. So THANK YOU!!! our Familia, and let’s spread some holiday cheer to the world around us.

This week, we received the largest monetary donation for a single event, that we have ever received in the last 11 years.Mountain States Constructors came in with an extremely generous check,which allowed us the unmitigated pleasure of being able to help 100 MORE FAMILIES!! With this donation, we are now able to give 550 New Mexico families each a $125 Target gift card. THANK YOU!! Mountain States Constructors, we are happy you are part of our Familia!